Person-to-person (P2P) payments are a type of payment between two people whereby the payment is sent to a mobile number instead of a card number or IBAN. This is a convenient and fast way to send money from one Moneybase account to another. 

When using the Moneybase app, the app loads all contacts from your phone book and displays them in the app. The app will display contacts from your phone book and will show which contacts can accept P2P payments from you.


Whether you can send a payment to a contact from the device depends on the privacy setting of the recipient. 

The privacy setting has three options:

  1. Everyone – Anyone on Moneybase can find me and send me payments.
  2. My Contacts Only – Only friends on my contact list can find me and send me payments.
  3. Switch off – You will not be visible to anyone’s contact list.


Tip: By default, your privacy setting will be “My contacts only”, meaning that only users in your phone book can send you payments.


The P2P privacy setting can be changed through the web app or the native app.

Native app: More > Settings > Privacy settings

Web app: Settings > Privacy Settings




Q: I am trying to send money to someone but the contact is not shown as “Friend on Moneybase”.

A1: Check the number that is entered correctly in your phone book. Ensure it starts with the country code (ex. +356) and is correctly formatted. You should try to call your recipient from the phone book to ensure that it is correct.

A2: Ask the recipient to make sure that s/he has your number in their own phone book (again, must be valid and correctly formatted).

A3: Ask the recipient to check the P2P Privacy setting. It should be either “My contacts only” or “Everyone”. If the user has disabled P2P transfers from the privacy settings, you will not be able to send him a payment. Ask for the user’s IBAN instead and add him as a beneficiary to do a bank transfer.

A4: Ask the recipient whether they have logged in to Moneybase recently. Moneybase users that have not logged in on the Moneybase app recently may not be able to receive P2P payments.

A5: Make sure both you and the recipient do not have any pending verification (KYC) documents to upload and both of your accounts are in an active state.

A6: Make sure both you and the recipient has allowed the Moneybase app to access the device phone book. You can do this by checking the permissions allowed for the app from the device.


Q: I am sending a payment but the payment is being rejected due to transaction limits.

A: P2P payments go through rigorous checks to make sure that they are not fraudulent. Your payment might have exceeded the allowed limits. Try again with a lower limit or contact customer care to query about the applied transaction limits for P2P transfers.