Mobile platform

You can submit a new order by clicking on the order section. You will then be prompted to type the name of the instrument you would like to buy or sell. More than one option may be available such as for e.g Apple is available on the Frankfurt exchange in euro well as on the NASDAQ exchange in Dollars. Once you know which instrument you would like to choose click on the name of the instrument.

The Order form will then be generated accordingly. You will be requested to input the quantity of shares you would like to buy or sell, order type (Market , Limit or Stop Loss) & Validity (Good till cancelled , till date or till day). On the Order Form screen you will see a toggle button called : Order Preview. This will display the trade value of the order.

You will also see your current holding of shares, available cash balance on the order screen.

Settlement Option:
The settlement option function will give you the ability to choose which currency you would like your payment to be taken from if the total amount is not available in the currency of the instrument you are buying. 

Your order is reviewed prior to being sent to the exchange allowing you to amend the order or else proceed with the transaction. 

Your Order will then be placed, becoming visible in the “active orders” section. You can click on the arrow in the Active section in order to View, Modify or cancelyour order until your order is executed.

When clicking on view a summary of your order will be displayed, charting for that particular instrument and any news. Once the order is executed the information will also be displayed in the executed section by clicking on the arrow as for previous examples.