Go to www.cctrader.com, click on desktop from the top right corner and log in.

You can submit a new order by clicking on the order tab then clicking new order. Choose the option type for a Buy or Sell order. The product type which will be wither for a Bond, Equity or Fund. Insert the instrument name and the quantity that is to be purchased or sold. You can also define whether you would like your order to be executed according to the market or at limit. You can amend the order validation according to day, date or good till cancelled as seen below:

Dividend Options
When placing an order the options to choose how a dividend is paid is given. A deposit on account can be used for future transactions. An option on the currency you would like to receive the dividends in is also provided as well as the option of deducting withholding tax.

In the overview section you can view your order status. Orders which are pending (highlighted in green) are still active and can be modified or cancelled by clicking on the magnifying glass and then the Modify or Cancel icon.